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Apr 4, 2008
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I think this is probably a topic that many small and/or growing roasters and coffee shops have an interest in (I know I do). Where are the best places to find used roasters, where have people had success doing so?

I have found few resources on the internet that are really not as good as I'd like, do most of you find your equipment through the grapevine or in person rather than online?

Here's what I've found in my searches to upgrade our roasting equipment.

I hope I'm not violating the url rules here, if so, sorry!

ebay - there's a few roasters on here, not really a great resource in my opinion

craigslist - really few and far between

roastersexchange - poor website IMHO and leans towards much larger roasters it seems

forums such as this one - sometimes if you look hard you can find people who are selling roasters, but its a bit difficult

I know personally I am on the lookout for a roaster in that range of 1-10 lb batch size, which seems like there would be more out there in that range. Thoughts?

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