Bicycling and coffee shops


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Jul 18, 2006
B.C., Canada
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It seems that bicycling and coffee shops go hand in hand, you always see road cyclists with their tights and jerseys there. Have any coffee shops done anything to accomodate this? Like bike racks or something of the sort? I have seen the reverse happening as well, it seems more bike shops are opening up coffee shops in them so people can have a latte while they wait to get their bike serviced or go there after a ride. Being an avid cyclist I think its great that I can get my caffeine fix before and after a ride. :D What are some other opinions of this?
Hey 777cory777...great to see a fellow bike enthusiast here. I guess you are probably a road rider, we mainly mountain bike where I am.

I remember back home (NZ) many of the cafes in the big cities such as Wellington, Christchurch and suprisingly Rotorua catered to bikers. One cafe even had a special drivethrough hatch for bikers!

In Indonesia road biking is the equivalent of signing an early death sentence- the traffic, pollution and state of the roads is such that you are taking a big risk its actually unheard of here to have shops catering to road bikers. Where I live Mountain biking is a growing sport- fantastic single tracks, climbs through coffee villages etc. Problem is it is soooo hot after a ride that the order of the day is a cool Bintang beer, rather than anything coffee related. :grin:

Anyway, welcome aboard, happy posting, happy cycling
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Wow a drive through hatch for bikes? Thats really cool. I think its great that they have merged the two things I really like and you get the best of both worlds. Its neat to hear from people all over the world. :)