Caffeine and Teeth


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May 9, 2012
Not to go against the flow here but... don't our teeth slowly degrade anyway over time? Yes I am sure that if we do not take care of them that they will fall a part much faster but, they do slowly degrade anyways. I wonder how important caffeine is in regards to bone loss. If an average coffee drinker has 2-5 cups a day does this really affect their teeth (aside from staining maybe)? Or is the actual impact negligible?

What effect does milk have over all in replacing the calcium and does the amount of milk in coffee negate the calcium loss?

As someone posted on another topic it always seems like the doctors are coming out with these studies and in 10 years they change their minds. I remember when they said not to drink coffee, now it is good for us! A guy (or gal) can get confused listening to all of this


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Oct 8, 2012
Use of caffeine drinks like the coffee can damage of the whitening of the teeth. But if you can brush daily twice then i hope it is not a big problem for the teeth.
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