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Jan 31, 2005
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I recently recovered from a horrifying case of caffeine toxicity.

My symptoms--panic attacks, confusion, ADD, delirium, psychosis and more--appeared when I started drinking 1-3 cups of coffee a day, a couple years ago. Before I started drinking I was happy, in great mental and physical health, and at the peak of my career.

For 15 months caffeine invaded my blood-brain barrier and disintegrated the cells in my prefrontal cortex, until eventually I had what a neurologist identified as masked facies and blunted affect. In other words, my face was an expressionless mask, I could hardly speak above a whisper, and I was walking around like Muhammad Ali (not in his butterfly-bee days, but after Parkinson's set in).

I'd traveled all over the world, and had lived happily in New York City for 10 years. But suddenly I was getting lost on the subway and couldn't find my way home. It was like having Alzheimer's at 32. My family and friends were shocked at the sudden changes in me, and at their wits' end trying to figure out what was wrong.

When I was diagnosed with caffeine intoxication I quit drinking coffee, and my symptoms started to disappear.

I'm now back in excellent health, and determined to save other people who are as sensitive as I am. So far I've talked to many of them worldwide. I'm afraid many, many more are on medication for panic attacks, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and other ills, ignorant of their sensitivity to caffeine.

Please visit my link, and feel free to share your own experiences: - Caffeinism



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Mar 29, 2009
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thank U for sharing this amazing story. how long did it take for all uR symtoms to disappear after quitting caffeine ?
Does black tea has the same effect on U ? maybe it is something else in coffee that made the problem ?


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Sep 20, 2011
Washington D.C.
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Brian Matthews -- thanks for your story. I had a terrible experience trying to quit coffee about 5 years ago, then realized it was better to modulate my intake down to 2 cups a day rather than quitting altogether. Of course, reading your story made mine pale in comparison.