Charging for Syrup per Size Drink

Kone Tiki

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Jan 5, 2006
Savannah, GA
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We've been charging one price for flavoring in our hot drinks be it a 1oz, 1.5oz or 2oz serving depending on the size drink. Is there anyone who charges per ounce and how do you get it across to the customer that each size of their drink requires a different amount of flavor/cost? We do price our blended/iced drinks based on the right qty of flavoring added.
Thanks for your input!

Java Rocks Tony

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Jan 30, 2005
Clevland, Ohio USA
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we price ours at .50 per 1oz, and use 1oz for 16oz drinks, a little less for 12oz and a little more for 20oz. it's easier for us becuz it's roughly .25 cost per oz. we make it up on the whole price.

what u can do is redo ur prices to INCLUDE the syrup on ur menu:

12oz Latte $2.50
12oz Flavored Latte $3.00
16oz Latte $3.10
16oz Flavored Latte $3.60

or however ur actual prices come out. this way it's in the price and the customer is not miffed about anything. u might consider it


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Mar 10, 2006
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Charging extra for extra sauce and flavoring is still an ongoing issue at my shop. The previous owner wasn't dilligient about it even though she had it posted. I, however, have been dilligient about it and people don't care for it much. It's hard to charge for something that should be charged for but wasn't before and not piss people off. I charge 25 cents for anything over and above the usual amount.


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Apr 4, 2006
Austin, Tx
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shot charges

Lots of shops have this problem as well. I had always assumed that it was kinda industry standard to post that you will charge for shots and then not ever actually charge the customer. Makes them feel special like a regular even if they aren't. Personaly while I was a barista I reserved charging for those oh so special customers that either ranted about how they didn't think they needed to ever tip or just made my day worse than it was when they walked through the door.


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Mar 27, 2006
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You should never be afraid to upcharge for additions. We always charge additional for syrups, no exceptions.

12 oz 3/4oz + .50
16 oz 1 oz + .60
20 oz 1 1/4 oz + .70
Organic Syrups are a .10 surcharge

We very seldom get a comment and if we do we simply explain that it is an extra cost that we can not absorb

We have never had an issue and we go through a lot of syrup and the organic sales are growing as well. We also get a lot of people buying syrup by the bottle for home use.

Hehe, from the Great NW comes the standard: 25-50 cents per flavor/extra sause/soy/white coffee. I charge .50 per additional "extra" See somke folk price thier menue with ony one shot e.g 16oz mocha 2.25...and in fine print the extra is mentioned, but the barists asks " will that be a double shot?" and the customer usually says " yes" Kniving isn't it? That's why NW JAVA pulls boubles and offeres the odd shot for FREE! SUre Our pricing reflects the double. It's standard for a 12 oz to be a singe, or even better two ristrettos, and 16 to be 2 shot, 20 3shots..that's for hot drinks. I don't go nitpick about drink cost: I figure out what the local market will bear. I have pleant of competition to compare with. Except I roast for my two stands, and for about 8 other espresso buisness. So my cost is way lowere and I get to " waste" more coffee traning my baristas, YEAH! I love roasting!


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Oct 21, 2005
Lincoln, NE
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I agree with La Crema just pick a standard up charge across all sizes and stick with it. If your customers are not happy they will go elsewhere, so that extra 10 cents for a fraction of an ounce of syurp will cost you hundreds of dollars. Offering the extra shot at no charge on 12oz is huge, people go nuts over that.