Coffee alternative?

Hi there.

I have very little time now, so I apologize if this thread is somewhere else in this forum already.

I'm somewhat allergic to caffeine, if I drink coffee for three days in a row, I feel really sick and weak. I used to go alright without it, but now I have a sudden change of life which requires me to get up at seven every day do quite a lot of work. Because of this early wake-up, I feel really sleepy and lacking energy to do so. It helps a lot to have a cup of coffee, but I know I can't afford that. Can you recommend something else that I could use while getting used to this early wake-up? aslo where can i buy alvita tea? I'm thinking of maca root or guarana. I've tried mate, but I think it also makes me a bit sick.

hat would you say is the benefit to using tea instead of plain water? is it the color in your final soap, or the scent, or something else? thanks for everyone's patience.

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