COFFEE PROJECT - please help!


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Nov 25, 2009
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I am designing a new style of instant coffee packaging that intrigues and engages the user on a satisfying level thus improving their coffee experience. Please post what you feel are the main issues with instant coffee (preferably three or more points) as well as what you feel are the cause of this issue.

For example, the taste is poor due to low quality beans and harsh processing

I am fully aware that instant coffee will never be more enjoyable than a fresh cup but please remember this project is specifically for instant coffee and trying to improve the current experience.

Thank you for your time



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Feb 28, 2008
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Hello "willorrock"

Is this project for a class or for your job?

It's been years since I've tasted instant coffee. (I prefer the real stuff.)

However, several people have recently told me that there has been a huge improvement in the Nescafe Tasters Choice packaging. They've come out with have a box of 22 single serve packets, (that look like a stick) It makes sense to package the instant granuals in single serving packs.The single servings supposedly keep the instant coffee granuals fresher than they would be just sitting around in an opened jar. People who drink instant coffee tell me that they have noticed a big improvement in the taste and aroma of the coffee.

Hi Will. My issues with instant as below:

1/. The processing of instant, ie having to boil coffee then spray it into coning freeze towers before scrapping it off the sides and packaging it, means the taste is generally more like potatoe juice than coffee. If there was some way to make the taste more like coffee in the cup, it would be great :)

2/. Most commercial instant makers realise that to make 1kg of instant they need to roast and process something like 2.3-2.8kg of coffee. This means that it is not financially viable to use Grade1 Arabica (if the instant is "arabica" likme Starbucks uses for instance/instants!). Therefore poor quality coffee is used- contributing to 1 above.

3/. Smell. Parts 1 and 2 are compounded by the fact that most of the instant manufacturers "furnace roast"- 3-4 minutes to roast big quantaties= means aroma is not good as well!

Generally this means instant to those in the industry is to be avoided like the devil avoids confession sessions with the pope.

However, assuming that you are looking for issues for the average drinker of instant I would add these>

1/. Coffee solidifying in the jar. Once opened the instant often gets damp, granules stick together.

2/. Helping sizes- 1 teaspoon as per instruction tastes aweful

3/. Use of glass. Whay do instant suppliers often use glass? I know it is recyclable but the jar gets a lot of handliong