Coffee Roaster Process (Air over or flame contact to drum)


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Jun 10, 2010
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Good afternoon everyone. I'm just in the initial stages of planning and deciding whether or not this is an industry I want to step into. I am very interested right now in learning what I can about roasting equipment. I know there are an endless amount of variables involved but I am looking for information on specific types of roasting.

I've seen roasters that have
1. - flame contact on the drum with combustion gases in with the beans,
2. - no flame contact with beans being roasted (or I would think toasted) with only hot air
3. - a combination of the above
4. - finally roasters which have air being recirculated through an afterburner and the
chaff and smoke are being burnt and passed through the bean.

I would appreciate any insight or advice as to the results of these types of roasters.

Thank you :)
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Wow, no one with an opinion on this at all ? :) I am genuinely interested in hearing any at all. If this has been posted before or there are threads in other forums that may be similar please let me know.

Thank you to everyone who contributes to these boards and the insight and information to newcomers you all provide.
Where are you located? I would suggest checking out some local roasters so you can get your own feel. I personally like gas over air me air roasted lacks body. But too each their own.
I have hot air roaster, and could no be happier; green coffee beans have a thin layer or chaff which will cook with the drum's heat. The hot air roaster will separate, blowing away the chaff from the bean, leaving a cleaner, smooth, and tasty cup of coffee, of course you must have excellent green coffee beans.