Does Coffee Stunt Your Growth?


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May 26, 2006
hello i have been reading some of you guys posts and hear is my say:

does coffee make ur breasts stop growing? nope im 16 and ive drink coffee since i was abou 6ish.. and i have quite bigger breast then my friends the size is from your family geans...

and dont worry ive heard your breasts grow heaps during pregency. :grin:

but........... i am the shortest out of all my friends im abous 4.8 when i last checked about 130ish centermeters tall but im not a dwaft lol but i do go to bed late

also you can get imunne on coffee as when im tired and i need to stay up for some reason 1 doesnt fix me i need about 2 or 3

if i dont have a single coffee for a whole day i get a huge migrine and become sick. at night

but i guess i do have trouble sleeping at night but i do go to bed around 11ish-12ish "and my 2 younger sisters are very taller then me!!!! they tease me sometimes that i as acctently put into there family at birth lol!!! which i dont belive.

also i dont think coffee makes u age faster in apperience in the face as i have drank coffee for a long time and i soo dont look 16 people say i look 12!!!!!! :( if you look older then someone and you happen to drink faster it just probably you look older from your family history of geans. because i can drink up to 10 cups a day.

caffien is said to stunt growth merely because you do almost all of your growing while asleep. If you are not asleep, you cannot grow as well.

i belive this is so true!

this is just my say


each to there own! :)


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Jan 15, 2007
Caffeine dont do nothing

I dont know if caffeine stunts growth, but I started drinking coffee at like 9. Now that I am 14, I drink an expresso in the morning, a couple cokes during school, a 10oz coffee after school, and possibly a second 10oz cup. This adds up to 500 - 600 mg of caffeine every day, and 300 - 400 mg is considered overdose. (to see how much caffeine drinks typically contain, go to

But it hasnt done anything towards my growth at all. I am 14 and 5''9\", so I am neither that tall or short, but its supposed to be 80% of White male race tallness (according to So I have went the extra mile to make sure you know caffeine doesn''t harm or help your growth.

And I go to sleep at midnight or later, and wake up at 7:00 so I am not sure if that has effect on something or its just made up so kids go to bed. People just find a reason to blame stuff on, blaming their shortness on lack of coffee and sleep.


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Sep 28, 2007
If it wasn't for coffee I would be 7'-3".

As it is coffee stunted my growth to 6'-0".

Thank goodness for the health benefits of coffee! :shock:


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Sep 18, 2007
Your parents told you coffee would stunt your growth because no one wants their kids jacked up on caffeine. This is probably the reason most soda has a caffeine free counterpart. The long and short of it (ha ha) is that caffeine may affect bone density not growth(height) because it disrupts vitamin D absorption, a necessary factor in bone strength.


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Apr 26, 2008

Well to tell everybody the truth, im really 10, and I started drinking Coffee today, but only little sips and so much coffee. I only took tiny sips because im afraid it will stunt my growth! :cry:

On a couple of statements said that it doesnt effect your growth and some of them say it does, and some theres just to many words that I dont know what they mean.

Im only 4 ft something, so Im pretty small, and I dont want to stay this small, I dont know whether to believe it does or not to believe it doesnt!! :? HELP!!!!! :oops:


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May 7, 2011
I can relate to that. Some people kept telling me stop drinking coffee, it stunts your growth. You know what, I'm 15 yrs old and 5ft 6. I'm not short for my age. for I know what they about coffee stunting your growth is bull shit!

Randy G.

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May 8, 2008
Refrain from drinking it late in the day as it can disrupt sleep patterns. Be sure to drink sufficient water as it can cause some dehydration. Do not over-consume as the caffeine can cause a physical dependence and withdrawal can be quite painful (severe headaches). Height is determined by genetics and I have never heard any evidence that caffeine can change that.

I knew a four year old whose father is a pro coffee roaster. She could tell bad espresso when she tasted it. At a restaurant she sipped one her dad was drinking and said, "Uckey 'spresso Daddy!"


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May 8, 2011
New York
Since there's no nutritional value to coffee, it doesn't help you grow. I'm no medical professional, but I would say you'd be fine.


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May 13, 2011
That was the one thing that worries me when I drink coffee. I avoided drinking coffee during my teen years hoping I could grow tall, but it didn't work.


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Sep 20, 2011
Washington D.C.
I've done a bit of research on coffee's side effects, and never have I come across any discussion of it stunting one's growth. If I run across something I'll post it in this thread.