establishing wholesale prices for retail customers...

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Jan 3, 2007
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I am not sure where to post this question. Would any of you out there who are in the business of just "roasting" feel comfortable to share how you determine wholesale prices for your retail customers. How do you set your minimums.... what has worked best for you you treat each individually or do you have a a minimum of 6lbs too reasonable...what factors are important to consider here...

I am new, small and am asked for my wholes prices..Do you treat each one... do you take your "retail" prices and discount from that...20%? 30%? 40%?? Thank you for any input here.....


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Dec 8, 2006
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So many details to consider and the decisions you make about pricing are key to your business. Consider your choices and the implications carefully.
6 pounds is not wholesale volume - you and I can drink that much this week. :)
I noticed your retail prices are unified. While I do not usually agree with that concept, if you are committed to it for some reason, it may follow the same logic to simply set wholesale prices at a flat percentage discount like 35% off.


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Nov 8, 2004
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We treat our wholesale E Store as a seperate store, with just coffee in the wholesale store and keywords driving traffic to it for wholesale coffee. For pricing, we have our spreadsheet formula that takes in green bean expenses, packaging etc. and then it is easy to just add your acceptable profit per pound for retail and other columns for wholesale prices. The % discount really doesn't work well with coffee, too many price differences (Jamaica) and weight loss with dark roasts for example.

We are a small Mom and Pop business with our main office in our house and a roasting barn on our property. We have made it work for 4 years now. It's nice to see other truly small coffee roasters starting out too!