Ethiopian Sidamo Roasted Beans - Non-uniform color


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Sep 6, 2016

I recently bought roasted Ethiopian Sidamo beans (Natural processed) from my local roastery. I have not seen many roasted Sidamos before but what I noticed on this batch is the bean colors vary a lot, no uniformity at all. There are roasted beans in the batch that are almost white/light yellow. Now, I had heard that when roasting some of the African beans, there might be color variety as the coffee beans might come to the cooperative from a wide region, different farms with different bean profiles, however, what I observe on my newly purchased roast Sidamo beans is that almost each bean has a different color. When I measure the agtron color by Lighttells, it gives me 80!!! Some of the beans are so light colour, in normal circumstances, I would call them quakers maybe, but I normally see just a few quakers with other coffees, sometimes none. This Sidamo has more than 50% very light colour.

I then brew the coffee with Chemex and on the 2nd attempt, with a ratio of 24 grams grind / 440 ml water, I managed to achive a 1.23 TDS. Taste wise, the coffee was slightly sour, also some bitterness.

What I wonder is, is the non-uniform color (see the picture, in particular the upper right corner) of roasted Sidamo beans common? Any help and additional info on Sidamos would be much appreciated.

Arda IMG_3220.JPG