I've been lurking for a while reading the wealth of info.. I feel like I'm getting to know you people haha... so I figured I'd come out of the shadows.

I'm in the middle of a feasibility study regarding opening up a hometown cafe / roaster. I grew up in Portland OR, so needless to say, coffee was a major factor in my upbringing. That vibe just isnt happening in my area right now.. I'd like it to be.

Anyways.. wanted to say Hi!
Jan 18, 2008
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Hi thewilliams1. Thank you for finally introducing yourself. We've seen you lurking around, but figured you were just taking your time, figuring out a good screen name to use. Either that or just a shy coffee enthusiast who was a bit hesitant of joining in on our insightful, yet sometimes wacky discussions. Yes, it's true, we've also been watching you as well. ;-) (JK)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your stay. :) Oh yeah, I also hope you can participate and post like there's no tomorrow in here. Welcome to!!! :)