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Jul 27, 2009
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Hi All,

Joined the forum today and have a few noobie questions i'm hoping you can point me in the right direction with:

1. I've read hat Jamaica Blue Mountain is supposed to be some of the best coffee you can buy. Is this the case? I've found it being sold cheaply through Whittards (pre-packed; ground; not beans)

http://www.whittard.co.uk/store/catalog ... 234781.raa

2. I purchased my first espresso machine

http://www.dualit.com/content.asp?page= ... oryCode=32

Any views on this machine? It wasn't hugely expensive; any hints to get me started making good espresso?

3. ESE Pods - will I end up with an inferior tasting coffee if I use these?

4. Where can I buy good quality coffee from online ? I live in the UK.




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Feb 28, 2008
Near Philadelphia, PA
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Hello "daniel_edge"

Welcome to the Coffee Forums. You'll find lots of information here.

I've found that if you post one question at a time, you'll have better luck getting a response.

In the meantime, try using the search option at the top of your screen if you're looking for information on a particular topic. As you explore the coffee forum, you'll see that a lot of topics have already been thoroughly discussed in the past.

We hope you'll visit often.


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