HELP -- I can not hear any cracks


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Jul 16, 2004
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You need to check the location of your probe and make sure beans are in constant contact with the probe while the drum is turning. I would have guess 2 lbs will give you that constant contact, but I don't know much about YM2. I agree the drop temp is way too high, but if the temperature reading is correct, then your roast would not be such long roasting time, if anything the roasting time would have been too short. What were your flame and airflow setting after you dropped the beans at 420?

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Jan 30, 2007
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Thank you Thank you

So I roasted two batches last night one 3.8 pounds the other 2.5

I figured out before I started that I had a setting adjusted to about 140 which made the temperature read 140 degrees different that what it is. I forget what it was called but does anyone know what this function is used for?

I adjusted that to 0 and dropped the first batch in at 260 degrees, it took a bit too long before I got to 380 degrees (about 11 minutes). I heard the first crack for the first time which was exciting. The roast came out ok, better than the others definitely.

For the next batch I upped the drop temp to 300 and at about 9 minutes they were at 389 degrees. The roast was cracking and smoking and at 13 minutes I dropped it out and had a nice dark looking bean. VERY EXCITED HERE, thanks for everyones input.

About the cracking is there a clear down time between the first crack and second crack? I could tell as the first crack was winding down but I dropped the batch before the second crack I am assuming. Or does the first crack wind down as the second crack begins and they blend together somewhat?

One other question that is probably one for Ambex but there is a knocking noise every rotation of the drum. It sounds as if someone is tapping the side of the drum in the same spot each rotation. It is coming from the back of the drum and possibly the lower left side. Any clues as to what that may be? I tried adjusting the drum position but that had no effect.

Thanks again everyone for your suggestions

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Jan 3, 2007
charge at lower temp

I think you need to charge the roaster with 2 lbs of beans at a much lower temperature..seems quite hot ....maybe why you are not getting to the desired roasting time - I might try to charge it at around 350- really...