How to import coffee?


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Jan 15, 2007
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Hi everyone,

First and foremost, I thank you all for always giving me great feed backs on the topics that I've been posting on this forum.
The question that I am about to ask is how do you import coffee from Central America? I have a friend in Honduras who has a coffee plantation and has dreams of selling his product in the US. How do I help him?
looking for demand

I also meet the same problem :wink: We have a huge coffee plantation in Asian, and there is truly superior arabica coffee bean, we plant, process and sale raw/roasted coffee and soluble coffee. Now, I am looking for demand for our product from all over the world.

I think most growers, distributors have a warehouse or hire one to store their coffee and distribute in the states. I do know of one grower that has service trips where volunteers visit his farm and he sends back coffee with them and then has someone in the states to distribute it.
Difficulty gathering information - Coffee Imports

Hi all,

I have been having trouble trying to get information on importing coffee to the US from Africa ............... i don''t know where to start! My wife and I would like to leave our current jobs over the next 1-3 years and get into the coffee business.

We are interested in delving into a kind of \"intergrated\" approach, I have contacts in Africa who would like to have a \"trusted\" agent who can assist them in importing coffee but where would I start? Who would I sell the coffee to?

The second business is starting a coffee shop that we hope will develop into a chain, there is a lot of information on this and I believe we will see a consultant as soon as we complete our business plan.

We are of very modest means, my wife is an educator and I have been in a mid level manager in the retail industry. What advice do you have for someone like myself.
interested in importing roasted coffee beans

Hi everyone, I am looking to import roasted coffee beans to the US, I am primarily interested in central america, but also keeping all options open. We are just getting started and have a lack of information on how to even get started importing and selling in the US, so any help would be a great help! Thank you in advance!
You must be new if you are looking to import roasted beans and referencing a post from 2007 in the process.

Coffee has a short lifespan after being roasted. Is there any reason why you can't buy beans freshly roasted in your country/state/city?
Hello sweetsharon75, we actually import green coffee from Colombia, as eldub stated roasted coffee has a shorter lifespan which makes it difficult to transport and store. We bring green beans for roasters so they sell fresh roasted coffee to their clients. If you are interested in bringing top quality green coffee beans to sell, we might be able to assist you with the importing. Let us know!
It never ceases to amaze me how many people who know nothing about the industry think they can start importing and selling beans on a whim.
No one said we knew nothing, I am trying to gather information. And sell on a whim? Who said a whim because we already have a plan. Thanks for the positive experience here.
@sweetsharon75, you would be far better off buying from a local importer in the states. But it doesn't sound like you have much of a plan since you are now looking for green bean, and who is going to roast these beans for you? Not just anybody has the skill and knowledge necessary to roast let alone purchase a quality drinkable bean. Unless you are going for Folders quality, I would suggest going back to the drawing board and doing some in depth research into the field before just willy nilly deciding that you are going to sell coffee now. But as eldub said, "It never ceases to amaze me how many people who know nothing about the industry think they can start importing and selling beans on a whim."
No offense, but anyone looking to import roasted coffee beans into the U$ market doesn't really have much of a plan, IMO. And that might not be what you want to hear, but it's prolly in your best interest to hear the truth before proceeding any further.
Hi Everyone,

I want to import roasted coffee from either South or Central America. Just starting the business that's why I need roasted coffee. I am importing into China.
I do prefer Venezuelan coffee, does anyone know a good supplier? Thanks in advance.