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Jun 24, 2013
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Hey guys

My name is Nick and I, like yourselves (I imagine), enjoy drinking coffee. I much prefer espresso than drip, gravity, or other form not under high pressure. People call me a snob because I require my beans fresh. I don´t think I´m a snob, I think it is a perfectly reasonable thing to ask in a coffee shop.

Anyway. My dad is from Argentina and he works as an MD in the states, however during the Vietnam War he returned to Argentina in order to skip the draft. This is when he joined his engineer brother in hand crafting and repairing coffee machines.

I have been drinking coffee since the wee age of between 7-10, can´t remember when. I like my espresso with a little bit of milk, but a very small amount. It´s what we Argentines call a ¨cortado¨ a punto. This drink doesn´t exist in the states unfortunately but the Machiato (the ones who do it right) comes close.

The smell of fresh coffee beans makes my nipples hard, and I would love to work in some part of the industry. My next post will probably be asking people on the forum for advice in opening a coffee distribution company.

Thanks for listening!!



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Dec 7, 2012
Michigan, US
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Welcome aboard, we actually had discussion about coffee snob, but we decided we are not snob but coffee aficionado. ;)
So I totally understand what you are talking about. Also I don't know where are you located but there are few coffee house in the states do sell Cuban Cortado.

I also love fresh roasted coffee and they do make my mouth water and wakes me up from dead sleep. And I think many our member understand exactly what we are talking about.

Please do ask questions, but also do some research on this board because many of the topics have been asked many times over again.