"iced coffee"?


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May 30, 2008
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PinkRose said:
One of the local cafes in my area takes the old coffee (that would normally be dumped at the end of the night) and puts it in a gallon container and refrigerates it over night to be used as iced coffee the next day. It's poured over ice and served without cream or sugar, and the customer adds whatever her or she wants later.

Sometimes when they don't sell that batch of iced coffee, it stays in the refrigerator and is used the next day. Yuck!


I think I would be buying my Iced Coffee somewhere else! Can you imagine drinking that stuff black?? I'm very happy with the Iced Coffee I'm making with the Toddy Cold Brew set up I just got in. With temps heading to 97* today & tomorrow I'm drinking my Espresso/Americanos first thing in the morning & switching to ice cold coffee the rest of the day.
Wasted Coffee

I've never been able to understand the mentality that would drive someone to hold their coffee until the next day. Even in the refrigerator. Regardless of whether it's still drinkable or not, if you're in foodservice consistency is paramount. Even mediocre is workable, as long as you're mediocre all the time.

And then there's the issue of cost. Say your coffee is $10.00 a pound. Even with a three ounce throw the half gallon cost brewed is $1.875, or 2.9 cents per ounce. How much money do they think they're saving by serving it the next day.

Believe me, people who save their coffee overnight are not spending ten bucks a pound on coffee. More like three. And their portion per pot is more like 1.75 oz. For half a penny per brewed ounce, to save a few cents they're risking turning off a customer in their place of business.

I don't get it!



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Feb 28, 2008
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Hi Mr. Maco!

I don't know how much they pay for the coffee. It's called Supreme Estate and it's from the Ireland coffee company. I don't know what kinds of coffee are in that blend, but when the coffee is freshly brewed, it's actually pretty decent.

A couple of the baristas there told me that when business in that cafe is slow, the brewed coffee is held on the warmer for two hours, sometimes longer, before they dump it and make a fresh brew. The owners tried to push it to three hours, but "changed it back to two hours" when people noticed a big difference in taste.

Then at the end of the night, the coffee that's left is poured into containers and refrigerated and sold as iced coffee. If that iced coffee isn't sold the next day, it's kept in the refrigerator and sold the following day.

They do the same thing with both the regular and the decaf coffee.

Yuck, yuck, yuck!

Jan 18, 2008
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Well, it's the week of the fourth (or Summer as we call it here in Western Mass) and I'm drinking a Newman's Own iced coffee from McD's and comparing it to the BK iced coffee I had yesterday....

My observations and personal opinion:

- Prices were comparable for a Medium sized drink
- Both assumed cream & sugar (I keep forgetting to ask for no sugar)
- Both taste really sugary, Ha! ... Hack! ... gack!
(I have a sweet tooth, but coffee is coffee)
- McD's tastes more like coffee in the end.

I still prefer DuDo's Coffee Coolatta. My woman, or I should say Mi mujer, hates that I go to fast food joints, but I guess it's the convenience and rapid service that draws me in the most.

Biscotto, Tu Mujer drinks Nescafe and boiled milk. She shouldn't talk. You need mega sugar to swallow that. We survived ten days on that stuff, and it left an indelible impression in my mouth.

I was in NYC at the Fancy Food Show this week and had the sheer pleasure of experiencing DuDo's coffee in the early morning. If I was the driver I would have sought out a forum member in CT. I had no choice but to survive DuDo. I finished it with the help of a breakfast sandwich. I don't understand why there were ten cars ahead of us in line at 6:30 AM. Their coffee was no better than mine, and yet they line up. Lemmings!

Sharks eat lemmings.

Jan 18, 2008
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You're right about NesCafe. Although she's into fresh natural juices, she somehow doesn't understand what real coffee is. We're learning together.

Well, after finishing that McD's iced coffee, I changed my mind about fast food iced coffees for the summer. I won't be buying those anymore. I know better now. The milk & sugar totally overpowered the coffee and the last half, of course, tased like ice water. :( Gotta get into double brewing, the way you explained it, but at home and work. Thanks Mako!