Inputs on coffee machines? Breville BDC450 or Ninja Specialty CM407


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Apr 6, 2020
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I'm one for pour over and french press but lately I've been wanting a really good automatic coffee machine and I was wondering anyone could offer input on these two I've narrowed down too. Also I'm open to suggestions.

Breville BDC450 Precision Brewer

Ninja Specialty CM407

Now the Ninja, with discounts is nearly have the price of the Breville and the Ninga's price sits at a more comfortable level. The Breville is still in my price range but cheaper is always for me, I kinda like to know what other people think

Edit: I grind my own beans I get from a local, family owned coffee shop that roasts their own beans.
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Mar 25, 2020
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I can't speak on the Ninja as I haven't heard anything about it but I've heard a lot of good about the Breville BDC450, I'd actually consider upgrading from my Bonavita BV1900TD to the precision brewer. I believe the Precision Brewer can take pour-over brewers like v60 if you wanted to. James Hoffman has a video on it if you're interested in a little review, he seems to enjoy its features thoroughly.