Keurig My K-Cup Reusable Pod Problems With K200 Plus Brewer


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Nov 13, 2016
Hello. Recently, my Girlfriend got an oasis colored Keurig K200 2.0 Plus brewer in October. She also got a Keurig "My K-Cup" reusable pod.

Unfortunately, when the "My K-Cup" is inserted in to her brewer, it only gives her the capability to brew 4, 6, 8, and 10 ounce brews. There are no other "brew options" available prior to selecting the brew size.

I myself have a black colored Keurig K200 2.0 brewer that I got in May, and have been happily using a Keurig "My K-Cup" reusable pod in my brewer. Prior to selecting brew size, I am given a choice of six "brew options" such as the capability to brew a 3 or 4 cup Carafe, and 14 or 16 ounce Travel Mug.

If I take her "My K-Cup" reusable pod and put it in my brewer, I am granted all six "brew options" but when she puts the "My K-Cup" reusable pod in her brewer, she is not.

I contacted Keurig about this problem and they just said that they have "not yet developed a "My K-Cup" reusable pod that is compatible with Carafes. Which is untrue. I told them about the experiences with my brewer (which is identical except for the exterior color) and they have not replied.

Does anyone here have any idea about what is going on? Many thanks in advance!

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