La Pavoni Cellini: Good espresso, or just a pretty gadget


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Aug 23, 2008
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Hi all

I''ve been googerling for a couple of hours now and cant realy seem to find any info for the La Pavoni Cellini.. Someone tried to get some advise on the machine a year ago ... ht=cellini
But the answer seems in conclusive..

I''ve used a La Pavoni lever machine for some years now.. But over time, i''ve become lazy. I''m now looking for a machine thats makes a decent cup of espresso without all the hazel. Is there anyone out there who knows if this is a decent buy or knows another semi-automatic in that price-range that will do the job.

Sorry if the english isent perfect. Its not my primary langugage :)
I''ve also been looking for info on the Cellini and can''t find any reviews or user experiences. If I do happen to find anything I''ll be sure to post it here.

Perhaps a more knowledgeable member of the boards can take a look at the spec sheet and tell us what they think.

For what it''s worth I''m looking at this as an upgrade to a Pavoni Espresso Inn.

Chrome steel body; with removable transparent water tank, capacity (approx. 25 cups of espresso) 1,25 litri

Chrome-plated brass filter-holder with “Easy Espresso System”

Steam tap with interchangeable turbo steam nozzle or Automatic Cappuccino maker

Steel boiler heating element, coffee thermostat, steam thermostat, safety valve, pump overheat protection 1350 W

Pump pressure gauge and boiler temperature gauge

Active cup-warmer to keep cups warm

Cylindric heating element to heat the coffee group

Automatic anti-drip valve

Lever controls

Maximum pump pressure 14 bar

Power 50 W

Average preheating time, including cup warmer 5 minutes around

Width, Depth, Height 235x330x385mm.

Weight 9,3 Kg.

Extractable main cable, length 1500 mm.

Power 230/240 V. 50 Hz
120 V. 60 Hz

- Main cable, coffee measure spoon, coffee filters, coffee press
- Automatic Cappuccino maker
- “Easy Espresso System”

I found a few things about it...... 60mm baskets are a bit large and you may have a hard time finding a nice tamper for them. It has a 40 oz. water tank, which means frequent refills. I just saw another ad claiming it has a 64 oz. tank, so who knows....... Looks to have some sort of cheesy frothing aid on the steam wand. Not needed.........

All in all it looks to be a decent machine, but for that price range I'm sure there are much better options. Later!