Lots of Coffee...Tell me how long I'm going to live


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Jun 13, 2005
obviously caffiene is a toxin... so is alcohol, nioteine and lots of other stuff.

Your ability to deal with toxins in your body depends on how healthy you are.. and also decreases as you get older.

If you take too much poison it will hurt you nthe short, medium or long term.

I drink alcohol, smoke and drink coffee by the bucketload. Thats my choice .. life would suck without some vices.

But at least I know they are vices and I also know that the balance of probability is that these vices will shorten my life... life schmife!


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Apr 27, 2004
Too Much CAffeine

Hi Folks,

So... it is a Saturday morning and I when I got up I felt quite groggy. After 32 ounces of Fresh Roasted Goodness, the caffeine catches up with me and I realize I have had too much in too short of time.

How do you get the caffeine out of your system??

Comments appreciated.

T in Carolina
Too much caffeine in your body? I've heard that they are developing super-mega decaf that continues the decaffeination process in your body. Right now they have a methyl chloride additive that work, but unfortunately it is carcenogenic so the cure is worse than the disease. The Swiss Water people are working on a solution, too, but to keep it a trade secret, you have to go to Switzerland, which adds about $1400 to the $200 cure.

At this point, it is just much less expensive to sit it out and learn from your experience.


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Feb 8, 2005
South Africa
im pretty sure youll live for a very long time...a good example is my grandmother.

she drinks almost as much coffee as me (too much according to other ppl) and she is almost 80 years of age.

losing weight...i wish i could say the same.
i can say that i have replaced some of my meals with coffee but my weight remains constant. i drink black and no sugar.

enjoy coffee for as long as you possibly can but your body will tell you when youve had enough!

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