Melitta #2 Pour Over


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Sep 4, 2005
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OK, for my first post I admit my coffee drinking standards may be pretty low, but....

When I want 1 cup of coffee, I use the $2.99 Melitta #2 pour over coffee funnel. For a quick easy method, it makes a pretty good cup of coffee. However, when I use Starbucks coffee, it comes out very weak. I have determined that this is because Starbucks needs to steep for a minute or so before hitting the cup.

It seems that somewhere in the far reaches of my memory I recall seeing a #2 funnel that had a stopper type arrangement that would plug the hole in the funnel long enough to let it steep a while. You could then push the plunger and release the coffee into the cup.

Am I having a senior moment (or year for that matter) or does someone know if this exists? And where can I get one?

Or any ideas for a stopper that you could remove without burning your fingers with scalding hot coffee!



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