My Summer Experiment With Coffee


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Nov 26, 2013
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I had this idea to try it out since long but I postponed it until summer. But last week (as it was kinda hot) I decided to do this crazy experiment. I prefer to call it - Iced coffee cube recipe

So the experiment was like this -

I made a normal cup of coffee. Pored that coffee into ice-tray and put it inside the freezer. Next thing I did was, I prepared a glass of flavored milk by adding one table-spoon of almonds paste, sugar, and some vanilla drops. When the coffee in the ice-tray froze, I added 5 cubes of those in the glass of chilled flavored milk. The drink thus prepared delighted my whole day. The taste was fantastic! :)

I want to know how we can make that beverage even better. Let me hear your ideas as well.
Sorry to rain on your parade..I roast for a bagel chain. Most of our stores go through about 2,000 coffee cubes a day(that equals about 75 lbs). We use them for our iced coffee...they call it a "Cubsta" It's pretty labor intensive making all of those cubes though!
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The iced coffee cube idea is pretty standard. People do it all of the time, but they add the coffee ice cubes to brewed coffee, because regular ice cubes made with water would melt and make the coffee watery.

Your flavored milk creation is something that I've never heard of before. It appears that you took a glass of milk and added one tablespoon of almond paste, sugar, and some vanilla drops to it to flavor it. Then you added the coffee ice cubes. Did you wait for the coffee ice cubes to melt some before drinking the milk? Were you tempted to toss everything in a blender?

Here is another drink we are about to release...
Brookaccino- Coffee cubes, frozen yogurt, milk, chocolate and monin toffee nut flavor.