New coffee maker - high volume french press


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Feb 28, 2007
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Hi all,

A few years ago I designed a french press coffee maker which was in many ways automated, poured into a carafe or airpot, and could easily be scaled from <1 to 6 or more gallons.

Not having had money or the technical know-how to prototype or patent this thing (except for a few failed starts with PVC pipe), I have just today released it into the public domain - with the caveat that my documentation on it is GNU FDL, meaning any use of my own documentation has to be freely released if there is further documentation released at all - nobody can use my documents to form a patent or proposal of any kind without releasing it to the public. I also want to ensure that enough people know about it that nobody could get away with patenting it... if it''s not just mine than it''s going to not be just anyone else''s either.

That being said I don''t know if it would really make a decent cup of coffee at high volume, and cost effectively. I''ve worked with lots of different coffee makers, but really don''t have a clue about building them. So, check out my (very simple) web page, go build one yourself if you want, and let me know what you think!