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May 25, 2005
Oahu, Hawaii
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What a great forum!

My name is Jeff and I live in Hawaii, on the island of Oahu. I've been a coffee drinker for years, but mainly iced coffee. Let me restate that - I AM AN ABSOLUTE ICED COFFEE FIEND :) I love hot coffee, cappuccino, espresso, etc, etc, etc - but my true love is a perfect iced cofee.

While, in a pinch, I will get a coffee anywhere, anytime, I prefer to make myself the perfect iced cofee at home. I've gone through most Starbucks varieties, and recently found Seattle's Best Henry's Blend to be great. BUT THEN..... I discovered "Kona"...

When I first moved to Hawaii, I was unimpressed with "Kona" coffee. These were the 10% blends (supposedly, the "good" stuff). It was good. That's it - just "good". Then, I had 100% Kona a couple of times and that was much better... But I wasn't hooked yet. So, little by little I've been seeking better and better beans for my iced coffee. I'm living in a virtual coffee Mecca here, and still the best I've found for my tastes and purposes was Seattle's Best, since the Kona didn't seem worth the extra $$.

Well that's ALL changed... I'm down the river, over the falls, head over heels, hook line and sinker, a complete SUCKER for Kona coffee. Now, it MUST be 100% Kona, beans only, downright sweaty and glistening it's so fresh, and ground mere seconds before brewing. So, you can say I'm a little obsessed :)

My latest find is Royal Kona (from Hawaii Coffee Company) - 100% whole bean, medium dark roast. I've stumbled onto a batch at my local grocery store that is wonderfully fresh and perfect. I swear I've found coffee Nirvana. But now, I wonder.... could there possibly be something better out there?

So - my "newbie yet psychofan" coffee question is - money no object, waiting lists aside, creme de la creme, what is THE best freakin' coffee I can buy? I'm interested in taking this to the extreme - I've got a short list of hand-picked Konas that I plan to special order, but naturally I'm displaying a bias here. What other coffees should I look for? I want my socks blown off. I'm the type who mail orders Kobe beef and wild boar online - I'm a "foodie", an "enthusiast", if you will.

All opinions welcome!


Try either Some Java estate...or a Mocha Java blend...or possibly a Celebes Kalossi, Sumatra Mandheling....these coffees are very rich but a bit smoother than a Central or South American coffees.