Poppery 2 Success


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Jul 8, 2009
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Hey guys, I've been reading about this for a little while and I got a poppery 2 off ebay for 15$ and a selection of beans from Burman Coffee


Well, the beans just came in, I fired up the poppery, put about 4 ounces, maybe a hair more.

1st crack came at about 5-6 minutes in, and the second came in around 10. I was thinking C2 wouldn't come so fast, seeing as the beans were not as black as I thought they would be (granted, I have no experience in this) so once crack 2 started I pulled the plug and started the cool down.

I am using the Mexican Malinal Washed Organic Reserve beans, I just popped a couple in my mouth (The roast was pretty damn even, there are a few lighter ones, but in no way is it an uneven roast) and I am digging the flavor of the raw beans. I am going to run by the pizza place/coffee shop I work at and grind 'em up and throw them in a drip and see what comes out. I know I should wait a while to degas, but to hell with it, I just wana see what I made haha.

I am so pumped, if anyone is on the edge about this, just go ahead and do it. Minimal investment, and so much fun. And really not too difficult. I think the next step I need to take is lowering the temp after C1 in order to prolong C2...

But yeah, ROAST ON!