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Jul 4, 2011
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How Kopi Luwak/Civet Coffee is produced?

Kopi Luwak or Civet Coffee is made from the beans of coffee berries which have been eaten by the Asian Palm Civet, then passed through its digestive tract. A civet eats the berries for their fleshy pulp. In its stomach, proteolytic enzymes seep into the beans making shorter peptides and more free amino acids. Passing through a civet’s inestines the beans are then defecated, keeping their shape. After gathering, thorough washing, sun drying, light roasting and brewing, these beans yield an aromatic coffee with much less bitterness
Why Kopi Luwak/Civet Coffee is the most popular in the world?
Kopi Luwak is widely noted as the most popular coffee in the world because of its unique taste varies greatly. Kopi Luwak has a shared aroma profile and flavor characteristics, along with their lack of bitterness.
Where Kopi Luwak/Civet Coffee is produced?
Kopi luwak is produced mainly on the islands of Sumatra, Java, Bali and Sulawesi in the Indonesian Archipelago. Sumatra is the world’s largest regional producer of Kopi Luwak. Sumatran civet coffee beans are mostly and early arabica variety cultivated in the Indonesian archipelago since the seventeenth century.
Why you should choose “PREMIUM LUWAK” Brand as your Kopi Luwak/Civet Coffee?
PREMIUM LUWAK’s coffee trees ideal growing condition are exclusively in tropical regions especially in Sumatra which is between of 60F (15C) and 70F (21C) and also perfect as its rainfall of six inches per month or more. It is usually cultivated between 1300m and 1500m above sea level. The Luwak (Civet) lives in these areas. We offer you a higher quality bean and produce very flavorful and aromatic coffee. We give MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for our PREMIUM LUWAK which is 100% pure and authentic that is completed with the certificate of authenticity. We sell Premium Luwak with several options, such as: Gift Box, Grounded, Roasted, Green Beans, and Raw.
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Jul 9, 2011
Phuket, Thailand
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I've had the opportunity to try Luwak coffee several times, including at the farms where the beans are harvested. I found that this bean is completely over-hyped and cannot not stand up to more time-honored favorites such as Kenyan AA, or Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. The taste isn't bitter, but also does not have a distinct, memorable pallet. I think Civet coffee may be seeing it's peak right now.

Thoughts? - or are you just building links for your product?


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I'm so sorry for the coffee drinker that get's hoodwinked by this egregious fad.
All the rockers on their tour buss's and the billionaires on their floating islands get exactly what they deserve.
Apparently there is no limit to the power of hype.
Too too sad.
Mar 28, 2011
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Buy only Kopi Luwak from caged civet, forget about the beans from wild civet...and don't buy Robusta Kopi Luwak. Tips: if you can smell the residue of protein in your empty cup, then it is the original Kopi Luwak.

So what you are saying is that Free Range Kopi Luwak is bad, but caged Luwak is good. How are the caged Luwaks treated? Are they forced fed ripe coffee cherries in the same manner as Geese are fed to fatten them up for foie gras? :decaf:

Seems like an issue for PETA to explore, if there was a PETA in Indonesia.

I am making it a solid rule to never buy caged civet coffee. An I am going to buy a picture of a weasel in a cage with a circle and slash through it to stick on my car to let the world know! :lol:

Pardon my English :D well, here's the reason why caged luwak is better than the wold one: with caged luwak: we can control the freshness of the poop, meanwhile the wild luwak we can't be sure when the poop was collected, could be a week, a month or even 6 months.
Luwak (civet) by nature is omnivore, so the right treatment is feeding them with meat n berries and not pushing them to eat only berries everyday. The best Luwak Coffee comes from East Java ( I can show you some pics of caged luwak, pm me). The existence of Luwak is in danger now, hard to find them in wild jungle, so by putting them in a cage, you can let them breed and release them later to their habitat when they are ready and meanwhile, you can produce the most exotic cofffe :)