preparing fresh whipped cream


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Mar 8, 2004
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I bought a whipped cream dispenser/maker and during our inaugural try we forget to add sugar. Need I say the taste was rather blah? Could anyone recommend a good recipe....adding sugar (how much) or adding flavored syrups? Even though I anticipate going through a lot of cream and chargers I believe the customers will appreciate fresh rather than the canned stuff.

Try using syrups...monin whipped creams rock!! Call them at Tel: (727) 461-3033...Irish cream is a good idea for the up-coming holiday!
If you want to use sugar, try powdered sugar. It gives you the right amount of sweetness without the gritiness. Flavored syrups are also good. We've gone with the 3 basic flavors from time to time. One is Vanilla, Strawberry, and Chocolate. If you really want to dress things up try using all 3 in an iced mocha or whatever type of iced drink. Very special :p
I have a 1/2 liter fresh make whiped cream thiing and I use about 3oz of syrup for the flavored type e.g. vanilla, and about the same for chockolate ....but for chocko I use the sause...I also use Davici for all my syrupa and sauces..Now for my MOcha recipe: I'll NEVER tell..hehe
I like whipped cream, its nice

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