Questions: Price vs. weight

lachris said:
ElPug - how do you provide that to your customers? Selling by the cup or just selling beans by the lb??? I'm sorry for not looking back and finding out more about you before replying.
I offer them in French Press, single drip; if they are less than $5.00 a pound green, I also brew a pot here or there during busy hours. Pretty interesting to see customers do a double take after a sip. Some would care, but there are some who can careless what I brew, they just want their fix.
I have two shops. One in Hartford, the other in New Haven. I roast in Hartford. During day time I am the barista, trainer, consoler, mediator and baby sitter, at closing time I am the janitor and after hour I am the roaster. I don't get to sleep much, but I offset that with pretty darn good coffee. My website is barely operational, it's
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WOW! What a great career! IMHO.

Is where you are at now, where you thought you would be when you got started or are you still getting there?? I know - it sounds like a dumb question.

I don't have a plan - I just like to roast and share with others. Earning enough money to pay for expenses plus a little extra so far. Not really sure where it will lead me - mostly with folks wanting their coffee fix as you put it earlier. What will happen to them if I stop...? I suppose they will wander around until they find another goof like me having fun and drinking really good coffee.

Keep it up - get some help!