So Many Coffee makers, & Filter Sizes/ Taste.

Oct 27, 2010
We have been running into many kinds of Coffee Brewers,and Makers.

Some with the Huge Filters that spread the Coffee out a lot,
and seem to alter the taste from the smaller more compact filters.

Is it just my taste, or is this common, or from blend to blend,
a changed thing.

We were also using less coffee per 8 cup pot, ( about half ) than was being used with the owners commercial
Restaurant blend, which was way not finely ground

Does a smaller filter compacting the Coffee, make a better taste ?


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Aug 14, 2003
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The filter size depends on the size of the brew basket. You can not use a smaller filter than what it is designed for or it will over flow.


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Aug 15, 2005
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Topher, I "think" what Rick is inquiring about is why manufacturers use different brew basket sizes, shapes, etc.

The size/design of the basket/filter depends on volume being brewed, the flow rate, etc.

Two common basket types are... the typical "cupcake" style that allows an even bed of grounds for even saturation/flow and the other is the European "cone" style that is usually smaller in diameter but much deeper. Later!


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Aug 11, 2004
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After rereading this I think the real thing to ask here are what types of brewers have you been looking at? If you look at a home brewer that will make a 10 or 12 cup standard then the size of the basket isn't going to be that large. But if you start looking at 2 and 3 liter brewers then yes the basket gets a lot bigger. 1.5 gallon brewers are even bigger and a 3 gallon brewer comes with 2 handles on the basket.

The bigger the brewer the more ground coffee your going to have to use and that is the main reason why the basket keeps getting bigger. 3 gallon brewers have a massive basket big enough for me to put over my head. Now keep in mind that on a brewer this big your going to use roughly a pound of coffee to brew with. So you need to spread that coffee out, hence the bigger basket.