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Apr 8, 2007
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I normally recieve large quantaties of flavoured coffee as presents. Yuk Yuk, it normally ends up on the grass! This year somebody got me a nice set of two espresso cups, a can of illy coffee and a stovetop espesso maker.

As for the stovetop, it realy does seem like a very interesting device. I've already made some coffee with it, but it tends to be bitter and I can't seem to get any sign of a crema.

Would you recomend using this device and if so how long should I let the coffee brew for?


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Apr 23, 2007
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Are you talking about the two-chamber Italian-style aluminum stove tops? If so, these do an OK job but cannot make crema - the pressure is too low. I watch for the water to boil through it and take it off the stove immediately. They are very convenient, especially when camping out.

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