the cuisinart coffee on demand


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Jan 28, 2008
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Okay, I hesitate to even post with all of this vast knowledge on this forum (I''m a major newbie) but here goes...
I''m looking at the cuisinart on demand machine. I have a Mr. Coffee thermal carafe ($60) and my coffee is just not HOT enough. I like a HOT cup of coffee. The first cup is fine and then after - YUCK! I would love to have a $500 machine but can''t do that right now. Does anyone know about this cuisinart?


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Aug 15, 2005
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Coffee on demand? Is that one of those machines that has a built-in tank that supposedly keeps the coffee really hot and has the dispenser in the front? I think they utilize some sort of heating element to keep the reservoir hot. Kind of like the hot plate that a carafe sits on, but maybe without applying direct heat, which as you might know, will RUIN coffee after sitting there for maybe 30 mins.

The thermal carafe is the best thing going regarding keeping coffee hot without destroying it, but you usually won't find a really good one that cheap. Alot of people buy a manual drip system with a nice thermal carafe to store the brew in once it's ready. Later!