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Sep 17, 2008
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Hi, I am opening very soon and I’m having a really painful time finding a decent software for my pos systems. QuickBooks 7 seems like the best bet based on its features and price (about 699-900) and you can use one license on up to 10 or something systems.

however I haven’t been able to find any info about how useful it is for quick serve/food environment.

those of you who use it, is it fast and simple once you get it all setup?
is it easy to modify orders etc and does it support kitchen printing?
Do you have a drive thru and does it work well in that situation?
Do you use a touch screen?

I’m looking at software that is mainly used for "Bars" because of the quick serve aspect of it, but the best I’ve found is called "amigo" and it’s about 600 per lisc. and id need two of them.

I’ve read all I can on these forums about the pos systems people have chosen but I’d like to find out about how fluid and easy it is to use

thanks in advance!

I used Quickbooks for a while but really didn''t like it. It just didn''t work well for me. Tried another out of Oregon that looked like it did everything, but was quite buggy with never any resolution. Now we''re using Point of Success out of Arizona and it works great for us. Has a number of add on modules that you may or may not want, scheduling, time clock, etc. I''m very happy with it and had come to hate POS systems.
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cool, I did look at that software. Haven’t done the demo yet. There is this software called BPA (business plus accounting) and they have a few different types, very cheap but I think hard to learn. vie read good things about it though once you figure it out. It comes with training videos too. If I have some success with it I’ll alert everyone :)