Water Tank Size for Drive Thru


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Jul 3, 2006
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My husband and I are in the process of setting up a small drive thru espresso shop. Initially, the unit will not be hard plumbed into the city water, but rather will be self-contained. I've searched the Coffee Forum posts but didn't find much on recommended size of fresh water tank.

The drive thru building we are looking at comes with a 10 gallon fresh water tank. That seems so small to me. We are conservatively estimating we will serve maybe 200 cups per day by end of year one. For those already in the know, what would you suggest for a fresh water tank? Thanks so much for any info anyone can provide.

The larger the better,but remember your gray water tank needs to be 10% larger then your fresh water tank. If your fresh is 20G and your gray is 30G you will be draining and filling daily,maybe even twice if you have alot of wash ups, blenders ect.
Hey CRC:

Your best bet is to get more than one fresh water tank. Most that are not hard plumbed will generally get 2 to 3 to start off with. This way you have back ups at the ready at all times. If you volume increases continue to add more fresh water tanks. Keep in mind each tank depending if new or used will have a cost factor. For example if you get used tanks they can range anywhere from $30-$80 per tank whereas new ones can range from $150-$200 per tank. Search around for your best deals. As for gray water tanks, you might want to get one with wheels on it because they can get quite heavy once filled. Those also come in various sizes, the most common being 11 and 16 gal. Hope this helps :wink:
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Another thing to keep in mind about the gray water tank is where you plan to dump it. Many cities are VERY picky about this(for good reason). Be sure to check with the waste water dept. Had one employer that refused to make any specific arrangements and got hit with a major fine when it was discovered that her stands were simply pouring it in the storm sewers. Also make sure your employees are drainig them every day even when it is slow. The funk put out by a moldy gray water tank can bring tears to your eyes and is not very good for business(mmm..three day only milky gray water w/ maggots in it...smells like a porta-potty)