What brand of syrup do you prefer?

What brand do you feature in your store?

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New member
Mar 7, 2007
Atlantic City, NJ
I am trying to decide on what syrup to feature in my store. I have tried a few different samples of some of the most popular brands, but it is a tough decision for me, because I do not care for flavored coffee/drinks. I would really appreciate some professional feedback. I have also reviewed some past posts on this topic, but have not seen anything leaning towards one in particular. I know that price can be a deciding factor for most, but I want to use the best that I can afford.



New member
May 1, 2006
Tucson, AZ

I use Monin Syrups but not exclusively. My sugar free are Torani and I use different brands for sauces, powders, etc. I think the Monin flavors are most true overall when compared to the other big brands. They are also a little more expensive and are thicker. Italian syrups are thinner and not quite as heavy on the flavor. This is not always a bad thing: they mix in a little easier - but we serve our drinks slightly less sweet than the average shop and I like the strength of flavor I get using less syrup. This is just my opinion; I have been in business only a short time (3 months) but I have tasted lots of different syrups over the last few years and I challenge anyone to find a Hazelnut syrup that tastes as good as Monin's. Being a hazelnut latte lover, this means something to me. The vanilla is also excellent and we use it in our whipped cream.

Feel free to email me anytime to talk shop. I love to trade stories and knowledge.


New member
Jul 3, 2007
Sneads Ferry, NC
I have compared Monin, Torani & DaVinci myself. I ruled Monin out largely because I want to embrace as many U.S. businesses as I can (where appropriate) (and Monin is French), although I will be offering their organic syrups.

Between Torani & DaVinci, I prefer Torani. I find their syrups a little thicker and their flavors are a little fuller/richer/brighter. I have a bizarrely sensitive palette to artificial sweetners and flavors. I like DaVinci as a company, but when comparing my favorite flavor (Almond) and my most commonly used (Vanilla), in both cases, I prefer Torani. I can taste something in DaVinci I don't like. I don't know what it is, but it has me putting my cup down before I'm through.

Other considerations - DaVinci is in plastic and Torani is in glass. But DaVinci is also easier to clean up (because it is thinner).

Let us know what you decide!!!


New member
Mar 6, 2006
I like the DaVinci chai concentrate. Since I order it by the case, it is easier use the syrup too. it is also easier to get in our area. I personally hate sweet coffees, so it is hard for me to say. several of our regular customers and employees who do like the syrups in their lattes, really prefer the DaVinci also. When I do taste comparisons, I think that the flavor is more defined with the DaVinci. But like I say, it is hard to say for sure, because I just don't drink it enough to be discriminating about it.


New member
Jul 17, 2007
i like the davinci sugar-free, but probably only because i can so easily find it by the bottle online for a decent price... if i knew where to get the torani sugar-free for a reasonable price, i would do that instead. it just seems harder to find - but i'm open to suggestions! my fav flavs are creme de menthe, chocolate, gingerbread (sweet and spicy), english toffee, and caramel...

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