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May 16, 2008
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Hi All

We have just opened up a small shop in our charity run community centre. We have purchased a Jura X7 machine for making espresso/latte/cappuccino.

What we want to know is which of these beans are more likely to appeal to the general public and is suited for use with the X7?:-

Continental Coffee Beans
(A combination of arabica and bold bean robusta coffees extensively used by continental roasters. A rich contintental espresso with stout body.)

Ristretto Coffee Beans
(This immensely popular blend combines a mild flavour medium body and pleasing aroma.)

Espresso Coffee Beans
(A full traditional medium to high roast coffee, with lots of body and great length, a true connoisseur’s espresso.)

Thanks for any advice
I do not know too much about the machine you have purchased, but if you are looking at doing mainly Espresso Based drinks through your cafe, you should stick with an espresso blend. Roasters pick and blend coffees from different origins and then roast so the best flavors will be extracted through an espresso machine- therefore an aptly names "espresso blend" should work well for your cappuccino, latte etc. I would personally keep away from the robusta blend- I think the UK market drinks a lot of milk based drinks, while robusta comes through in cappuccini etc, as a single shot/doppio the robusta can taste rubbery/pop-corny and generally not too pleasant.