Widower need help on how to use expresso machine.


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Oct 9, 2006
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Hi, I am a recent widower with no idea how to use a (please don't laugh) Magic Chef Expresso machine. I would appreciate finding the instruction and cannot find a manufactorers web site. I realize that this may just be a toy but I like the hissing sounds it makes and am retired and unable to afford a "real" expresso machine. Please. Jim


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Aug 15, 2005
Central North Carolina
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Try This!!!

Sorry I just found this topic, but better late than never! I've owned many steam machines over the years and the all work pretty much the same. After having a pump machine I think it's important to start by pre-heating your cup in the microwave, or by running very hot water into it. Hot coffee in a cold cup doesn't last long. One thing about the steam units is that there isn't any rule to follow. You'll have to experiment with different variables, such as amount of water used, how much coffee should be used, etc. If you're going to need extra steam for cappuccino you'll need a little extra water in the boiler. Usually the glass carafe used with these units will have markings for this. Start with the grind. You'll need something in between drip and espresso and don't tamp much at all. Add the desired amount in the filter and barely press down to distribute. Insert the portafilter into the brewhead. Add the desired amount of water and close the boiler lid tight. Turn the unit on and simply wait. When brewing for cappuccino I always used a little extra water, then I waited until 1/2 of the water ran through the grinds. Then, switch over to steam and steam the milk to the desired temperature and amount of foam, then switch back to let any remaining water flow through the grinds. It's not an exact science, just alot of experimentation until you lock onto something you like. I hope I've covered a few bases here, but if not let me know and I'll contact you via e-mail and explain with greater detail.

BTW, I wouldn't worry about having a pump machine. I used the steam units for years and was quite satisfied. Good luck!