Advise Please: I'm thinking about Selling Coffee on Amazon


Mar 5, 2018
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Hello coffee roasters and wholesalers.

I am six months into a coffee roasting business and have been thinking about Amazon as an outlet for sales. Presently I have an Ecwid account and have sold approximately 70 orders through my online store front since October (not that many). I have wondered if offering coffee on Amazon would increase sales based off the accessibility/ease of use for the consumer. I realize there are a million products on Amazon, therefore I do not anticipate increased exposure through this platform.

My main concern is that Amazon takes too much of a bite to make this a profitable route. At $40 per month combined with finders fees and shipping seems to be a lot for little reward.

Worth it, or no?


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Feb 28, 2008
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The perfect answer, WhyCoffee. I'll continue to do what I know is working, and let the gimmick "supercharged coffees" sell on Amazon.

The weather is getting nicer and soon local fairs, festivals, and farmer's markets will be starting for the summer season. Have you thought about participating in anything like that - just to give your roasted coffee some exposure (and sales) ???