Eight O'Clock Coffee

so, the quality of the beans (8 o'clock or Dunkin'Donuts) changed for worse? or our tastes in coffee changed for better? or both?

Actually Dunkin' Donuts was the first coffee I had that I really liked the taste of, before that I drank coffee just as a tool to get going in the morning. I had it at one of their cafe's when I was out of town and liked it so much I bought a bag of whole bean, that is also when I started grinding my own beans on a regular basis. After that I could only get it at the grocery store and noticed right away it was not the same but still better than anything else available.

So to answer your question I would say both, I'd like to think my taste buds have graduated to the next level.
Ensoluna, I think the roasting process changed. Even the instant coffee had the aroma and taste of the ground coffee. You could open a bag in the house anywhere and know it was 8 oclock.
almost always get 8 o clock 2lb bags. I jar it in Mason jars to keep it fresh as I can since I'm the only one in the house that drinks coffee. I get the 2lb bag because of the value since I'm on a very strict budget while going through double knee surgeries. I started getting it even before I was on this budget and I quite like it. They didn't have Colombian roast this time so I got Italian espresso roast and I'm really liking it. I always get whole bean and grind right before making it in my french press.

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Hope I can enjoy a foreign coffee, Especially jamaica origin coffee!
I have found that BJs brand 100% guatemalan is pretty good too, and better quality than eight o clock brand. Fresher and a lot less powder at the bottom of the bag, I have had some eight o clock that I swear has more than an ounce of powder in the bag.

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I have passed by it on the shelf but never considered buying it(8 o'clock coffee)...I just picked up some Folgers 1850 K Cups
It's worth a try and I'd bet you would like one of their blends 100% columbian and dark italian espresso are my favorites but the original is good too. Since I grind my own I usually weigh out 20-30 grams of a medium roast whichever brand and 40-50 grams dark roast and then french press and a bit of sugar and a bit of peppermint mocha creamer but not much, I want to taste the coffee too and not over power it

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I joined a club and am receiving 2 12 oz bags. I vacuum seal one and drop it in the freezer while I drink the other. So far seems to be working
Well, Eight 'O Clock may be popular but it is not good for the long time coffee lovers.

It lacks the flavor
possibly with filler

I will stick to my Dunkin Donuts coffee.

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