Greek Frappe


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Jun 8, 2006
Ann Arbor, Michigan
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Finally, I will give instruction on how to make the famous greek frappe.

I recently found this wikipedia article

Basically, this is the simplest cold drink in my repertoire!
Simply, add Nestle Nescafe coffee and sugar (how much is up to you) in a glass and a little bit of water (the more water the more froth but then if you put too much then you won't have room for ice and water). The put under the milkshake stirer until it becomes creamy and yellowish-brown. add ice (cubes) and water and you're done.

The coffee has to be Nescafe (read the wikipedia article for why). I would like to add that you can find the greek version in meditereanean stores (I have stoped bringing it from Greece).

Now, if you want to add milk the best is to add evaporated milk. I don't now why but regular milk kills the foam. Maybe non-fat milk doesn't, I don't remember.

Serve again with a straw.



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Jun 21, 2006
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ZHTW H ELLAS!!!!!!!!! Hooray for frappe!!! 8)
...but, do you know how to make a Fredo? All my attempts have come out badly. If you can offer any help I would greatly appreciate it!