High Blood Pressure


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Aug 15, 2005
Central North Carolina
Hey, I had large consumption of coffee in the past and I wonder that's the big reason of my high blood pressure nowadays. Although, bear might be a reason but I don't think so about it. One of my friend suggested me to go for herbal supplements instead of other medicines. What you guys think? Can herbal supplements lower down high blood pressure?
The active life of caffeine in the system is a matter of hours and if it affected blood pressure it'd likely do so for that brief bit, then resume to your normal baseline. Keep in mind that when something like caffeine is consumed repeatedly for long periods the body will become somewhat immune to it and requires more for the same expected effect. Every single person is different and it is hilarious and ridiculous to read what others claim is 'so bad... blah, blah, blah'

Lemme give you a quick rundown of my approach. I've had higher blood pressure for years, mainly caused by long term necessary corticosteroid use for severe asthma. No other way around it as the often suggested natural approach nearly caused lung collapse due to an allergic reaction to ginseng if I recall. Anyway, it's pretty well managed with a few meds and I have no issues controlling my dietary/sodium intake, etc. 5 yrs ago I unknowingly inhaled a fungus that ultimately led to cryptococcal meningitis, basically a severe fungal infection of the brain lining. Well the infection and much needed aggressive treatment ended up causing 2 small strokes. Not knowing exactly what might be to blame at first I immediately reduced sodium, even caffeine for a bit then after more testing was done found out the root cause and my lifestyle with coffee, etc. played NO part whatsoever. I told my neurologist about my espresso addiction as being something I'll simply never give up at all and they agreed saying my caffeine intake is clearly well tolerated and shows no signs of affecting my health negatively.

Last week for 2 days I pushed the caffeine intake a bit higher than my normal... did my usual 5 doubles (espresso) in a 2 hr or so timeframe and within a few hrs consumed an energy drink with 300 mg. So I would estimate the total caffeine intake to be 800-900 mg in that span, which is double the often (lame) recommended max daily amount for healthy adults. I took blood pressure readings soon after that and it was 108/64 with a resting pulse in the low 70s. Even took a short nap soon afterward, so in all honesty I believe it'd take upwards of 2 grams of caffeine in a 3-4 hr. timeframe for me to feel the least bit of an effect. The only person alive that knows what you can safely/easily consume is YOU, so don't be swayed by the comments so many are willing to push.