High Blood Pressure


Oct 26, 2023
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Being fat is the usualy cause of high blood pressure. I gave up cigarettes back in 1993 after smoking for 30 years. Sense of taste came back and started eating. Got fat. Finally was diagnosed with Hypertension in 2002.

Very well controlled with medication. I take Losartan for BP plus 1/2 a water pill; Spironolactone. Resting BP is in the 130's/80's. And I drink a pot of coffee a day. Plus 2 shots of espresso. Not everyday, but more common than not. Late middle aged, haven't turned 80 yet. heh heh.

BTW, I check my own BP at times and can lower it dramatically by entering an alpha state (meditation.) Stress plays a major part of your BP.

Alpha state is easy to reach. Pretend your going to hit a ball with a bat. You throw the ball up into the air. It goes up and hangs there for a second. While you're waiting for the ball to fall, your mind is stilled and enters the alpha state. Idling, waiting. At this point, just relax your body. Consciously relax your forehead, eyes, cheeks, mouth, neck and all the way down. Once your body is completely relaxed and your mind is stilled, your there. Your BP will drop up to 20 points on the Systolic and 10 on the Diastolic. Entering this state every day, just for a few minutes is very beneficial to your overall health.

Suppose herbs have their place, but NOTHING takes the place of a REAL doctor. Don't kid yourself. Don't be stupid and think that herbs are better than real medicine.

High blood pressure will kill you; slowly, but it will cause heart failure in the end. (As well as several other medical problems.) It's not called the silent killer for a reason.
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