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Mar 25, 2007
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Hi there,
I talked to several persons and the opinions seem to be mixed.
Some people say that the beans have to be flavored right after the coffee has been roasted and while is still warm so that the pores of the coffee don''t close and the syrup gets sucked into the bean.

Others say that it has to be flavoured when the bean is not hot/warm anymore.

What''s the correct answer?
Is there a general rule? Is there a timeframe in which the beans HAVE TO BE FLAVOURED after the coffee has been roasted?

Thank you.

Honestly would one to "flavor" the beans? This imo really destroys the great things about the bean, acidity, flavor, smell etc.... If by all means a customer wants that hazelnut coffee taste why not up sell them on the syrup. Plus with flavored beans you really shouldn't put them through the same grinder and natural beans since the sugars from the flavored beans will coat the entire inside with the rancid flavors of the flavored beans hence ruining the taste of the natural beans.

All theory aside, I have found virtually no practical difference between applying flavoring concentrates to warm or room temperature beans.

Hot beans might cause the flavor to evaporate or flash off some of the component ingredients - depending on the actual bean temperature and the specific components of the flavoring concentrate.
Some manufacturers and consumers prefer a glossy surface finish to their flavored beans (also application and ingredient controlled). Your flavoring vendors may have some useful (possibly even informed) information regarding your local market preferences. I recommend applying flavorings promptly, but your manufacturing process and process controls may suggest a different approach.

Coffee should be flavored within 28 months of roasting. :grin: :!:
Seriously (as much as some folks bash flavored coffee), you should consider that the coffee is still the major component of the product, and its freshness and quality reflect your brand and your commitment to freshness and quality. Therefore apply flavoring within 24 hours of roasting and sell/brew within the normal timeframe you recommend for your coffee.

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