Poll: drive-throughs in the USA

I think most people realize that the Pacific Northwest (USA) has a ton of drive-through coffee stands. (If anyone happens to know approximately how many, I'd love to know.) But what I'm trying to get a feel for is whether they are popping up elsewhere to any great extent. So what do you think? Are they rapidly increasing? or slowly? What has been your observation in your neck of the woods?

I am also interested to know what the typical cost and profit is per cup on average for a coffee drink. Someone says the cost of a cup of specialty coffee is about 40 cents, but I haven't heard any estimate for something like a latte or mocha.

I am gathering this information to help me answer questions I will undoubtedly get at book signings or interviews. I published a book called Driven to Espresso and it just came out, so I am preparing for talk shows, etc. The book has some information, but not in great detail. It's mostly photos of the unique drive-throughs that dot the Northwest landscape. Check it out!--