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Mar 5, 2015
Hi all,

just wanted to hear some opinions from other roaster minded people. I am looking for a more concise/efficient system for profiling and tasting new coffees. Currently now, and for years I have explored the range of roast degree from start of 1C to post 2C sampling every :30- 1:00. These samples go through various prep methods and I target my desirable flavors and then go back to explore that roast a little deeper. This is where my question really begins, aside from trying to target a roast end time- I would like to experiment with my roast ratios, TP, and development times too.
In isolated cases I have explored these variables to great success (and disappointment) but don't feel a strong connection between the first half of my process and the second. Learning more and more about how ROR, and roast ratios can affect the ultimate cup, I am afraid that I am missing out on a brilliant FC+ because in my initial tasting it didn't cup as well as the FC, and ultimately that may be what I focus on. I have talked with other roasting friends who can rejoice with me on the endless possibilities of coffee but I would love to nail down a truly thorough process.
any words of wisdom will be greatly appreciated!


Nov 16, 2010
I would suggest you read Modulating The Flavor Profile of Coffee by Rob Hoos