Briel any good? Looking for first machine...


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Sep 28, 2005
So hopefully that subject explained what I'm looking for.

I'd like to buy my first REAL espresso machine. I am expecting to spend at least $200 but wouldn't like to spend much more than $300. (As long as I get a decent machine)

I have been looking at a few models from Briel:

*I'm not even sure what the difference is in a lot of the Briel models. (MultiGroup vs Multi Pro?)

I'd also considered the Barista model from Starbucks. (My sister works there and they get a good discount around Christmas.)

I'm not stuck on these 2 brands but I want something that is functional as well as nice-looking.

Any recommendations would be very helpful. I'm leaning towards the Briel models but I'd like some advice from people who know :)


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Sep 15, 2005
The best place I found for consumer coffee information is They have loads of information like equipment reviews, how to guides, etc. Another good source of equipment information is from online retailers. For instance I bought my espresso machine from; they have a lot of reviews on their site. I dont think you will find a lot of information on your specific Briel model. I would suggest you do your research to make you get what you want. Most "starter" espresso machine only do pseudo-espresso (not "real" espresso as defined by the SCAA), most cant steam at the same time, sometimes the steam pressure is poor, etc. And if you want fresh coffee/beans you will need a grinder.

Good luck.