Coffee May Protect Against Colon Cancer


Mar 7, 2003
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According to this article it states that Coffee May Protect Against Colon Cancer
German researchers say they've found a highly active compound, called methylpyridinium, in coffee that may prevent colon cancer. In studies with animals, this potent antioxidant compound appears to boost the activity of phase II enzymes, which are believed to protect against colon cancer.

Well the coffee my grandfather has been drinking -- black, did not protect him against colon cancer, he's all better now and still acting like he's 20 so if it didnt protect against the cancer maybe it gives him his morning perk ;)


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Sep 8, 2003
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Cancer Prevention Never Tasted So Good!

Yeah, just saw that article. One of the best parts:

"Until human studies are done, no one knows exactly how much coffee is
needed to have a protective effect against colon cancer," says Hofmann.
"However, our studies suggest that drinking coffee may offer some
protection, especially if it's strong." For example, expresso-type
contains about two to three times more of the anticancer compound
than a medium roasted coffee beverage, he says.

I'll drink to that! :D